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Supply Chain Management for Aerospace Chemicals and Consumables

The success criteria for operations and maintenance organisations demands twenty-four hour service whilst maintaining competitively priced chemicals.

In reviewing and improving your chemical and consumable acquisition process, Haas Group International can draw on over thirty years experience of solving customer's supply problems. We have a proven track record of successfully uncovering and eliminating the hidden cost within the aerospace industry.

Change must be welcomed if progress is to be achieved, and we take pride in constantly reacting to the needs of the aerospace business. Haas Group International are dedicated to eliminating all unnecessary waste and delay, for the benefit of our customers.

Control is an essential factor in the management of acquisition costs. However, errors and unreliability can make control appear a void concept. This is detrimental to product quality, an essential consideration. Furthermore, late deliveries and inaccurate invoices generate an invisible surcharge. These hidden costs can increase the quoted price of some goods and services by up to 50%.

Airbus A380

Haas Group International aim to give control back to the customer. We provide access to our team of specialised staff, through a single point of contact. Stock can then be positioned within the customer's facility or furnished from one of our strategic distribution centres. Customers are guaranteed to benefit from reduced costs, total inventory management and immediate use of products.

Haas Group International draws on a wide supplier base to provide a significant number of products from one source. We appreciate not every customer requires the same product and offer direct manufacturer equivalents across our entire range where available. All materials are supplied with an OEM certificate of conformity in accordance with the latest standards and approvals.

Haas Group International provides a complete consumable and chemical management service covering all customer needs and requirements from the sourcing of new materials to right through to the management of the stock to the point of use.

Consignment Stock


The concept of consignment stock is not new, however, we believe the effective implementation of a consignment stock agreement ensures our customers receive the service that today's Aerospace organisations demand. We provide a dedicated point of contact to manage your account, and each consignment is tailored to the customer so no system is the same. We currently manage over 50 consignment stock contracts that include multi-site managed supply, warehousing, daily top-ups and traditional 30-day checks.

The implementation of Kem-vend , our IPOS & vended solutions, has taken the consignment concept to the next stage. We can provide real time data to our customers about usage, daily trends and job costing. Haas Group International is the first company to offer chemical supply in this way.

Managed Supply

We have Haas Group International staff situated at several of our key customer sites. At these sites we take complete responsibility for the purchase, supply, stocking and distribution on site for all of their daily consumables. With over 35,000 sq ft of warehousing available over our various sites, we hold significant stocks to ensure we can meet these needs. Our systems are fully integrated which allow us clear sight of future demand and production targets. Customers are guaranteed to benefit from reduced costs, total inventory management and immediate use of products.

Global Locations

Haas Group International has operations in the UK, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Turkey, Poland and the USA.

We have embraced the requirement for a global presence and we are continually looking for new opportunities to work in partnership with our customers.

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