3M tapes

In today's hotly competitive world, you can't afford to overlook any opportunity to improve the quality and performance of your products. 3M? and Scotch? tape products can help you gain that edge.

3M Masking Products

Paint, coating and specialty masking-nobody covers it like 3M. Performance in a variety of tasks from general paint line masking to fine line, larger area, and specialty masking. 3M and Kemfast Aerospace deliver tapes that stick, hold and remove cleanly.

3M? Fine Line Masking Tapes
When the aesthetics of the finished product demand a sharp color separation with a flawless paint line, select from the full line of 3M fine line tapes. They offer all the characteristics necessary to meet your rigorous standards.

3M? Large Area Masking Products
Masking papers and films are designed for protecting large surfaces from paint overspray in painting operations.

3M? Specialty Masking Tapes
Whether it be for printed circuit boards, chemical baths, photographic processing or other critical applications these tapes will provide you a solution for your specialty masking application.

Scotch? Outdoor Weathering Tapes
These weathering tapes provides protection from slivering and difficult removal when used outdoors for an extended period of time.

Scotch? Paint Masking Equipment
Film and paper dispensers designed to make gross masking films, papers and tapes easier to dispense and use.

Scotch? Paper Masking Tapes
3M Masking Tapes offer a range of products that perform in a broad array of application demands. From non- critical paint masking and bundling to the most critical and precise painting applications, 3M has a tape to meet your needs.

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