Haas Group International independent distributor distributor of honeycomb for gas turbine applications. We are able to source honeycomb in Segments (Straight and chamfer), rings (straight and Chamfer), Segments Annular, Stepped, Elongated, Net Shaped and pre-taped honeycomb.

Net Shaped Honeycomb

some of our suppliers have the technology to produce multi-stepped cross sections without cutting cells. EDM finishes also ensure consistency in finish, quality and tolerance. Furthermore, weld patterns can be changed to suit different applications.

This technology allows customers the capability of single braze operations, where previously a three step braze would be required. Time, setup and individual unit costs are significantly improved through this process.

Pre-Taped Honeycomb

We are aware that there is an increased demand for Pre-taped honeycomb, customers can now specify braze tape thicknesses along with various combinations of OEM engine manufacturer approved braze alloys. Preparation times for brazing are significantly reduced by this process.

Pre-taped parts are less exposed to shelf life issues because of the technology developed by the manufacturers, this allows the customers to benefit from long term agreements, stocked parts and improved lead times.

Haas Group International works with a range of manufacturers aim to provide partnerships with key customers. Our capabilities provide customers with reduced lead times, high braze yields, long term agreements, joint cost reductions through new technology, global support, and most of all confidence in High Quality, repetitious product when you want it.

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