Braze Alloys

Nickel & Precious Metal Braze Alloys

Brazing is a liquid phase process, whereby molten filler metal (the braze) is drawn into the gap between closely adjacent surfaces by capillary attraction. In general, the melting point of the filler metal is above 450?C, but always below that of the parent material. To achieve a sound joint, the filler and parent materials should be metallurgically compatible and the design of the joint should incorporate a gap into which the braze filler metal will be drawn.

A range of metals can be brazed, using a variety of heating techniques including: torch, induction, furnace and resistance. The process can be carried out under vacuum, inert gas or by using fluxes.

Haas Group International is pleased to announce it recently agreed to supply precious metals braze alloys for one of the aerospace industry leaders. We now specialise in the supply of over 200 different types of braze alloy for use in aerospace components and microwave electronic applications.

All materials conform to the latest specifications and are available in various forms including foil, washers, preforms, strips, pastes, rings and bulk packs. All can be supplied on consignment stock whereby we control shelf life exposure, line side supply and total inventory management.

Commercial Braze Products

In addition to our vacuum grade braze alloys we are able to supply a range of approved silver bearing torch braze alloys, coated rods, fluxes and a complete range of support products including needles, spare tubes, binders, stop offs and dispensing equipment.

Trent 1000

Haas Group International has long been associated with the supply of parts and consumables to the aerospace market, the comprehensive catalogue of braze alloys and associated metal joining alloys is provided to fully support the airline and MRO support organisations.

We can provide full technical support for our entire range of products. This is done by providing direct contact to our suppliers and manufacturers, who draw on over 40 years industry experience to provide cost efficient competent support. Haas are specialists in bringing the customer closer to the manufacturer and continually adding value through flexible supply concepts, stocking programmes and vending solutions.

Typical Alloy Selection*

  • AMS 4775
  • AMS 4776
  • AMS 4777
  • AMS 4778
  • AMS 4779
  • AMS 4782
  • 82%Au 18%Cu
  • 80%Au 20%Cu
  • 50%Au 50%Cu
  • 37.5%Au 62.5%Cu
  • 35%Au 62%Cu 3%Ni
  • 30%Au 70%Cu
  • 72%Ag 28%Cu (Ag/Cu Eutectic)
  • 68%Ag 27%Cu 5%Pd
  • 59%Ag 31%Cu 10%Pd
  • 65%Ag 20%Cu 15%Pd
  • 54%Ag 21%Cu 25%Pd
  • MARM 002
  • MARM 509
  • MARM 509B
  • X40
  • D15

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