Araldite - Huntsman Advanced Materials

Huntsman high performance engineering adhesives provides you with a complete range of solutions for structural applications in a wide variety of industries including; automotive, marine, wind, mass transport and aerospace. Araldite is also the leading structural adhesive range for Do It Yourself products.

Haas Group International is pleased to offer products from the following Huntsman range:

  • Araldite 2000 plus range (comprising 14 adhesives spanning epoxy, polyurethane and methacrylate chemistries)
  • Araldite and Epibond epoxy adhesives and laminating resins.
  • Uralane polyurethane adhesives for the fabrication, assembly and repair of interior and exterior aircraft components.
  • Epocast epoxy syntactics and Eposert pre-cured inserts for the manufacture and repair of lightweight interior and exterior honeycomb composite structures.

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